MUTUK Mzough U Tiv United Kingdom


The Mzough U Tiv (UK) Benevolent Society (MUTUK) is recognised under the United Kingdom’s Friendly Societies Act of 1974, registration number 107BEN. The Tiv community in the United Kingdom have collectively been functioning under the umbrella name of Mzough U Tiv (UK) Benevolent Society since 1990.

One of the many objectives of the society as enshrined in her Constitution include helping and ensuring furtherance and continuity of our culture and heritage and to promote unity and cooperation amongst our members who are descendants of Tiv the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria.

MUTUK is actively involved in promoting and developing the social, moral and cultural life of the Tiv community in the United Kingdom, maintaining their social welfare and organising mutual help and succour to those in need. This is the true Tiv spirit of our forebears. MUT (UK) as a non-governmental, non-political and non-partisan society.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. You are a Tiv person (or married to a Tiv Person)
  2.  You are 18 years and over (to be able to vote and be voted for)
  3. You will be required to register to become a Member and pay the annual subscription of £60.

Membership Responsibilities

As a member, your responsibilities are:

  1. To actively participate in meetings and events regularly
  2. To volunteer, when available, at community service events
  3. To maintain professional conduct by treating fellow members and our guests with respect and courtesy
  4. To help maintain a positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow
  5. To pay membership dues on time

Membership Benefits

  1. Opportunity to network with other members and draw on their experiences and professional expertise.
  2. Access to the bi-annual MUTUK magazine as discounted rate.
  3. A platform for members to air their concerns to the broader community.
  4. A platform for members to promote their businesses or other activities across communities.
  5. Access to information and services. MUTUK will keep its members informed about any recent beneficial developments or opportunities.
  6. The satisfaction of helping a good cause. The subscription you pay enables MUTUK to carry out development initiatives/projects and financial support to Tiv people facing difficulty.
  7. MUTUK will represent member’s interest whenever there is a need. This could be in the form of providing reference letters, letters of support etc. where appropriate.